"I came across Carol's improv workshop when searching for ideas for our corporate offsite in September 2019. Throughout the process from initial emails to actual workshop, Carol and her team were nothing short of professional and incredibly easy to work with. She specifically asked questions to help tailor her class to the kind of work we do at Google. She was on time, brought her lovely team, and all the materials needed for the workshop which was fun, engaging, and informative. My colleagues all let me know they had a wonderful time - even the ones who didn't think they would enjoy improv. I highly recommend Carol's workshop and plan to pass along her name for anyone conducting an offsite at Google!"

- K.M., Associate, Global Business Strategy, Google

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Here is a link to an article about my "Accidental" Social Skills Comedy Improv classes in the Monterey County Weekly:

  • For those with Social Challenges or Differences
    • Asperger's
    • High functioning autism
    • ADHD, ADD
    • Bipolar
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • You Name It
  • For Teachers of Socially Challenged/Different
  • For Families

  •         Link: NPR Story on "Using Improv to Help Kids with Autism Show and Read Emotion"
  •                 http://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=508978540

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Monterey, California    (585) 259-2621