Winner of the San Francisco Cable Car Award for Entertainer of the Year Carol Roberts has a long history of comedy.  In the comedy boom of the 80's she performed with Robin Williams and Ellen Degeneris.  She was asked to join Femprov, a popular all female comedy improvisation troupe in San Francisco. 
Then Carol woke up one day to find she lived in Ohio with a husband and two children.  She changed her focus to teaching comedy classes to kids, teens, and adults.   
Most recently Carol observed many of her teen students had different abilities such as Asperger's, Autism, ADHD, and ADD, to name a few.  She began to see that these folks were developing terrific social skills while playing the comedy improvisation games together.  While having fun they were mastering eye contact, impulse control, focus, physical, emotional and verbal expression, and reading and predicting cues, teamwork.
Ms. Roberts has run social skills improv workshops at various public and private schools and counseling offices in the Rochester, NY, and Monterey, California area.

She was an Executive Functioning Coach in R.I.T.'s Spectrum Support Program for college students with Asperger's and other challenges.

College Coaching: Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Transition to Post-Secondary Education, Executive Functioning Coaching, Certificate, Spectrum Services, 2013.

M.S. Social Gerontology from the University of Southern California

B.A. in Communications/Psychology from Antioch College. 

She is also a certified grief counselor.